Monday, 23 February 2009

Monitoring My Bird Feeders & Nest Boxes

I like my comfort. I like to watch the birds at the feeders. To that end I trained a surveillance camera on the main set of bird feeders. All my cameras can be watched on an old 15 inch monitor I have in the corner of the living room.

As well as the cameras there are two multiplexers. One is in the shed and combines the views of the nest boxes. The other is in the living room and combines all the camera views. This one also has a hard drive so recordings can be made. Both can be remotely controlled so I can choose which cameras to watch. All the equipment, including the cameras, I bought, mostly second hand, on eBay over the past couple of years.

Various settings allow all the cameras to be seen at once:

Or just one: (I spy a Long Tailed Tit)

With this setting I can monitor the Robin box, top right, the Tit box and see any birds flying to and from the boxes:

A low resolution video of a couple of Long Tailed Tits observed on "Feeder Cam". Looks as though it needs re-focussing and the colour readjusting.

At the moment Squirrel Nutkins is attacking the peanut feeder so I guess the feeder I set up just for him/her is empty so I'd better go and top it up before it chews through the mesh.

This Wire is too Thick for me

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