Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Predator Protection

Not really done much these past few grey days. As the temperature has improved there have been less frequent bird visitors to the feeders. I guess there is an improvement in some natural food such as spiders and flies appearing.

As the tit nest box doesn't seem to have been visited for a while I decided to add a bit of anti predator protection. The box is positioned near roof level at the back of my shed so it is within easy reach of predators. A while ago I bought some anti intruder spikes. They are moulded plastic and the very tips of the spikes are flat, not pointed, so they cannot easily pierce the skin. Each strip has three rows of spikes and would be uncomfortable to try to cross. Hopefully these will act as a deterrent to any would-be predator.

Hard to spot on this small picture but hanging in the artificial Ivy I could see several pieces of wood shavings (under the hole at about 5 o'clock) which the Blue Tit had thrown out of the box so maybe it has been tidying up ready to move in. I live in hopes.

Nest Box Protection

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