Friday, 27 February 2009

Robin Nestbox Mk2

I bought this Robin nestbox about two years ago. I treated the outside of it, drilled three small drainage holes in the base and put it on one side until I got round to mounting a camera inside it.

IMG_4687 IMG_4689

As it was a sunny warm day I finally got round to getting on with the job. The camera is one I had removed from its original use as a security camera. It was faulty in that the infra-red lighting refused to work properly and the colour was very poor. Fortunately the main part was just a board camera and when I disconnected the light sensor the IR LEDs stayed on all the time. Just what I needed as the box was to be put in a poorly lit sheltered spot. Having taken off the lid of the box I then set about finding the best position and angle to mount the camera. Also the camera has to be focussed for close objects. It is no use focussing on the bottom of the box as any nest and bird will be closer to the lens so it needs to be focussed on a point about two inches above the bottom of the nestbox.

IMG_4698 IMG_4701

Once in position the camera was wired up properly and the hole for the wire was sealed with hot melt glue. Next job - some extra waterproofing in the shape of the sort of plastic used for damp proof courses in buildings. This was overlapped in all directions so it should stop any water penetrating to the camera. Any small gaps were also sealed with hot melt glue.

IMG_4705 Robin Nest Box Mk2

Finally I fixed the wooden roof back and chose a place to fix Robin Cam Box Mk2, ran the cable back to the shed and removed my first Robin Cam Box which was too much in the open to be really attractive to any respectable red breasted squatter. I put a few shavings in the bottom of the box and wired it up to my surveillance system. (Top right hand camera. The bottom pictures are the inside and outside of the Blue Tit nestbox)


I may be too late for this Spring but it will give plenty of time for it to be investigated for next year.


  1. Sounds exciting John and, you never know, there might be a late pair looking for a home for this spring!

  2. I always live in hopes Tricia. There are plenty of Robins about the lane. When we go walkabout I can usually spot four singing away in quite a short distance. At least the Blue Tit is still making brief visits to his box.


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