Monday, 16 March 2009

Nest Box Visited

A short while observing from a distance was rewarded by seeing and photographing a Blue Tit visit the nestbox this morning.

Blue Tit at the Nest Box

Friday: Lots of activity with several short solo visits to the box.
Saturday: Didn't see any evidence of any visits.
Sunday: Another shuffle session and then I spotted both birds in the box at the same time for a brief period.
Today: Another shuffle session spotted. Lots of brief visits.

Activity and interest seems to be gathering momentum.


  1. I know I am getting excited as this is my first experience of being able to watch close up.

    Lots of visits today and a few more pieces of moss have appeared.

  2. Great stuff John... my fingers are crossed for you that you see the full nestbox story all the way to fledging :-D

  3. Hi Shirl. As well as being excited I also feel nervous, sort of responsible for their welfare as I set up the box. Silly really as they will do what they find best for themselves.


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