Saturday, 28 March 2009

Robins Bonding

There can be hardly a day goes by without the cheerful sight of a Robin somewhere in the garden. If you cannot see one you can be sure one is watching somewhere. This time of year there are several Robins along the lane here and they spend a lot of time singing loudly to mark their territory and to attract a mate. Yesterday I was watching a Robin on top of the fence when up popped another. The newcomer had a seed in his beak. The first Robin then slowly went up to the new arrival and gently took the seed. I found out from a quick visit to the Robin information on Wild England that this is part of their courtship and that if she is happy with the gifts brought by the male then nest building will follow. I wonder if they will use my nest box? Fingers crossed.

Didn't get a photo as it was a very brief episode and I was fascinated just watching so here are some general shots taken over the past year.

Robins - Collage

The Blue Tit nest box has more moss in the bottom and at last more seems to be going in than is being taken out. What fussy birds they are.


  1. Fingers crossed for you John.

    I had a pair in the garden today and one of them was indulging in a swaying dance. I've had a robin box up for two years now but it's never been occupied - they will be nesting somewhere nearby again, I no doubt!

  2. I really enjoy seeing photos of robins that look like the robins in my books when I was very young. Way back then -(how time flies!)- children's story books were from England - not looking at all like what we saw around us out here!

  3. Very true John about there always being a Robin around the garden, only trouble is since I've had the camera mine has decided to be bashful. I do see it but never in the right place.
    Lovely photos again, I particularly liked the one with the flowerpot.

  4. Tricia: We can but try and tempt them. I'm not sure my Robin box is hidden away enough yet.

    Mick: When I look at other sites and see yellow robins my first reaction is eh? no way - Robins are red :>)

    ShySongbird: I think birds have a built in camera detector - pick up a camera and they either disappear at a fast rate of knots or you end up starting at the back end.


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