Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sheep Numbers

Over the years I have been walking various dogs on one particular field. At this time of year we always stop to watch the lambs. This year is the first time I had noticed that they are numbered. Both lambs and ewes have numbers on them. I assume this is so the shepherd knows which lamb belongs with which ewe and can make sure they are being suckled properly. Maybe I had not noticed this in the past as the sheep are a fair distance away and the numbering only became noticeable when I checked the photographs. Also the numbers are only visible on the youngest lambs as they will soon become hidden as the wool starts to grow.
It looks to me as though there are three different ages of lambs in the field judging by their sizes and the thickness of the fleece. Also there are two different breed of sheep in the same field.

Come in number three it's time for your tea.



Just before we enter the field I can look across the flat fertile farm land which makes up the coastal strip of this part of Lincolnshire and see the wind farm near Mablethorpe several miles away. I think you either love them or hate them. Personally I think they are a magnificent sight and, unlike the even bigger communication mast, you can watch them in motion - see them actually doing something.

Wind Farm

Blue Tit Nestbox Update

The Blue Tit made its usual visit to the nestbox yesterday and did a bit more clearing out. When it had gone it looked as though there are a few bits of moss in the bottom of the box. Things are look up for the nesting season.


  1. Nice rural shots of the lambs, Spring is certainly on it's way and underlined by the interest in your nestbox.

    The wind farm photo reminds me of how frightened I was as a child every time we walked past an electricity pylon in a field on our country walks. It seemed so large and incongruous in such a beautiful setting.

  2. Yes, ShySongbird, there are more and more signs that Spring is round the corner. The only thing I can see missing here is my usual collection of frogs. If they don't come to the pond it will be the first time for many years. There were plenty about in the garden last Summer as I had to take care to avoid them when cutting the long grass. Also I keep looking for my resident newts. I though I might spot one or two while the Sun was on the water.

  3. Resident newts? OOoh how lovely - hope you do see them and then post a picture. I've seen 1 in my pond - once! Caught it in the net when I was getting leaves out of the pond.

    Lovely pics of the lambs etc - such clever little things to find their Mums that way :D

  4. When I had a small pond I didn't realise I had newts until I emptied it. As I was checking through the sludge at the bottom I found four newts which I transferred to the larger pond and they have taken to their new home OK. In sunny weather last year I often saw them come up to the surface briefly. I hope to get some photographs later in the year.


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