Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Ships and Seabirds

Yesterday I drove to Cleethorpes to visit my favourite camera shop. I had finally made my mind up to buy a new camera body, the Canon 50D, which I duly did after trying it out in the shop. Next I had to add some ballast to my wallet as it was so light by the time I left the shop I swear it would have floated away. Anyway I then decided to have a stroll along the promenade to see what was about. I had to use the old 350D as the battery with the new camera really needed charging and, of course, it was a different size to the fully charged ones I had with me.

The day was mainly sunny, a bit breezy from time to time but quite pleasant. The tide was out. It goes a long way out at Cleethorpes as it does along most of the Lincolnshire coast because of the gentle slope of the beach. There are many sand banks which can be a danger to those who do not know the area and to those who don't keep an eye out for the incoming tide as it flows very rapidly round and behind the sand banks before covering them completely.

I stayed on the prom and one of the first things I noticed was a rig at least half a mile off shore and I think it is one used for building the bases for the towers of the many wind farms which are appearing along this coast.

Cleethorpes Beach

There were lots of large ships moored whilst waiting for high tide so they could continue along the River Humber to Hull and Goole Docks. Also there were many sea birds on the sand banks feeding on the lug worms and other sand dwelling creatures.

Ships and Sea Birds

As you can see it was very hazy out to sea. The only vessel I actually spotted moving was a roll-on roll-off ferry which may have been going to Immingham.

Roll On - Roll Off Ferry

Near the pier there were a few birds flying about. They were moving very quickly so it was a good job there were few other people about as I frantically swung the camera about to get a few shots of the birds in flight.

I think this is a Little Gull in Winter plumage.

Little Gull

This may well be a Mediterranean Gull. That was certainly the best match I could find from the RSPB site. Somebody should have told it that it was the wrong day to double its money.

Mediterranean Gull ?

I didn't have to worry about this Pelican getting away as it is carved from stone.

Stone Pelican - Cleethorpes

As I was walking back up to the road I looked down and could see a flower bed which had been cut out in the shape of an anchor. The blue is made with pansies but the plants making up the rope haven't started to flower yet. It should be a beautiful picture once the weather warms up and I will have to remember to visit Cleethorpes again later in the year. Over the years there have been some very good artistic flower arrangements.

Flower Bed in the shape of an Anchor

By then I was getting anxious to get home, charge up the battery for the new camera and have a play with it so it was just a short visit this time.


  1. Well John - you succumbed. Welcome to the 50D Club :) Your pics are great with the 350D so I await with interest your 50D results!!

  2. Funny you should say about the Pelican, I spotted it earlier today on your Flickr account and my first thought was that it would have difficulty taking off! Good luck with the new camera.

  3. Tricia - Thanks for the comment about the 350D photos. I had a quick trial with the 50D yesterday and the first noticeable thing was the reduced noise at higher ISO speeds. The second thing was the increase in weight - a much heavier body but at least I can read the menus on the larger screen. Have you looked at Simply Gulls on Wildlife Photographic Journals blog? They look as though they could fly out of the screen they are so clear.

    ShySongbird - I enjoy taking photographs. Flickr and Blogspot give me an outlet to share them. The dry pool round the Pelican carving with the rusty streak where the water should come out is typical of how desolate seaside resorts can look out of season.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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