Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Walkies - Old Mill Lane and the Churchyard

We were a bit later than usual going for our afternoon walk. I had decided to go down Old Mill Lane for a change. As it had turned out to be a lovely bright afternoon I took the camera but at first I thought it was going to be a waste of time and energy. I hadn't realised how misty it was until we got out in the open.

Old Mill Lane

There is no mill in spite of the name of the lane. Early mornings usually sees many rabbits down there but this afternoon there was just the one lurking in the mist.


Apart from a Blackbird singing and a Dunnock amongst the brambles the only other life spotted was some birds gleaning in the bare fields.


Bare Field

There are a few large Ash Trees along the lane one having quite a bit of lichen on its branches and showing buds plus another with last years keys still hanging on tight.

Ash Tree

Lichen on Ash Tree branch

Ash Buds Ash Keys

As usual Bobby was being very patient, just occasionally giving me a pained look if I dawdled too much at one spot.

Bobby - patiently waiting

On the way back home we cut through the churchyard. Looking up, moss and lichen could be seen on the carved figure above our heads.

Moss and Lichen

Round the back of the church it is possible to look at the old part of the graveyard which is used locally for chickens and, at this time of year, for sheep. This year it was more like a lamb outpatients as most of the ones there were limping and some had bindings on their legs.

Graveyard or Farmyard Ewe and Lamb

Lambs in the Churchyard

On the last part of our amble home I was taken by a complete hedge of green leaves absolutely full of brilliant red berries.

Red Berries

Finally a snap of the patterns on the bark of this tree and then home for a well deserved cuppa as it felt much colder in the damp misty atmosphere.

Tree Bark


  1. A lovely post John full of goodies, I loved the rabbit pic with the light shining through it's ear, the beautiful markings on the tree, the berries, the sheep and lambs amongst the chickens, well everything really!! Certainly not forgetting beautiful Bobby.

  2. You are making me blush, ShySongbird. I nearly didn't 'publish' any of this as it was very ordinary but then maybe that is a modern problem - we spend too long looking for the out of the ordinary and miss the beauty in everyday nature around us.


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