Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Birdy Bistro and Flirting Robins

Most of my bird feeders were grouped very close together as they hung from various strips of wood fixed to one upright. The birds didn't seem to mind but it made it difficult to find a clear shot for photography. In a rush of blood to the head I decided to space things out today. I had thought of just hanging the feeders from the cables which lead to the shed but after a little experimentation decided against that. In the end this is what I ended up with.

Bird Bistro

Not exactly elegant but it does space out the feeders better and gives me a clear view of each one. Normally any change to the feeders puts off the visitors for anything up to three weeks so I wondered how long I would have to wait to see whether the new setup would be accepted. By my reckoning it took less than fifteen minutes! After finishing hanging the feeders I then thought about water and bathing. My bird bath was fairly deep. I had tried putting large stones in it but that made cleaning it out a real chore. In the end I decided to use a gravel tray I had bought at the local garden centre a week or so ago. Nice and large but shallow. Now I might get the chance to see more birds having a good bath.

Within a short while there were the usual visitors who soon tried out the feeders.

Great Tit House Sparrow Blue Tit

Once again I was able to see the male Robin feeding the female. Sometimes he would dive in to the covered tray and take a piece of Sunflower heart and take it to the female who sat on the fence waiting.

From Blogger Pictures

Unfortunately this little piece of action is so fast that so far I have not managed a photo of it. The nearest I got was this:

Pair of Robins

The male on the right had just picked up a piece of Sunflower heart and offered it to the female on the left. She had taken it immediately and by the time the camera fired she had already turned her head round. Oh well, gives me something to aim for in getting a snap at the right moment. I must remember to put the camera on rapid fire next time!


  1. Nice Bistro John. I move one of my feeders around occasionally, but they soon start using it again. Once the Starlings turn up, (and they're not slow), they all arrive.
    Great shot of the Robin pair, and I'm sure you'll get the picture you want eventually.

  2. Holdingmoments: In the Winter it really put off the local birds when I made changes but now they don't seem to mind as long as there is plenty of food. Next job will be a session of de-guanoing.

    Robin pair - it was a pity in that the front mesh had been open most of the day and would have given a clean view.

  3. Nice to see your new set up John, I've got everything loaded on one table at the moment, waiting for the pear tree to grow so a spread things out, a couple of years yet!

  4. Good varied menu in your bistro John; don't know how the birds can resist dropping in. Lovely to see the pair of robins.

    Unfortunately I can't have any open feeders as the Ferals (far too many of them) hoover up everything.

    I change my feeder locations quite regularly but the birds seem to adapt very quickly as I'm sure yours will do.

  5. LBJ: I don't have any trees suitable for hanging things on. Mine are mainly Leylandii type or small weeping trees on dwarf rooting stock.
    I was pleased to see a Goldfinch was busy tucking in to the niger seed feeder first thing this morning.

  6. Tricia: The birds have really taken to the new arrangement - probably the bit of extra space between feeders. Even had a Goldfinch first thing this morning so it may become one of my regulars now.
    When I top up the table feed tray I throw any seed left over from the previous day on the lawn which seems to satisfy the pigeons and collared doves and also brings in the Blackbirds. Also Sparrows and Chaffinches seem to prefer their seed on the ground where they usually feed together.

  7. I love your ingenuity John! You are always experimenting and thinking of ways to improve life for your garden visitors. I'm sure they appreciate it. Lovely photos of the Robins.

  8. Thank you ShySongbird. I just like to be doing things and experimenting. Today I have been rewarded by a pair of Goldfinches which have been visiting on and off. It has taken a year to attract them but it seems to have paid off at last.

  9. Great to read about your robins aswell! You've got a good feeding station set up there - do you have any problems with squirrels?

  10. Hi Chris: Thanks for dropping by. Squirrels - there is one regular visitor which attacks the fat balls and the peanuts. Fortunately it doesn't eat too much at a time but it does scare off the birds while it is present.


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