Saturday, 25 April 2009


Some days I get the feeling I am being invaded. This morning there was such a noise. At first I thought a large bird had got into the conservatory but there was nothing there. Probably something on the plastic roof as it echoes every sound. Looking out of the kitchen window I saw not the usual one or two Rooks or Jackdaws but a whole clamor - so many in fact that it took two photos to get them all in! Just imagine how much seed it takes to fill all those throat pouches.


Well, at least they were clearing yesterdays left over seed I had scattered on the lawn.

A couple of days ago I lost count of the number of bees I rescued from the kitchen. I keep an old coffee jar and a piece of card near at hand just for that job. Put the jar over the bee, slide the card between the jar and the window, transport bee to the end of the garden and let it fly free. One more unusual invader was this flying insect. It is about 20mm long and beautifully marked. After taking this portrait I caught it and let it go in the garden.


At one stage the Sunlight was shining right through its body.


There are also invaders in the pond. These are much slower moving but harder to catch. Some of the plants are sending out long roots running along the bottom of the pond and then up pop new shoots every so often. Hard to reach in the middle of the pond but I don't want them to become too invasive.

This is most probably Horsetail and is spreading like wildfire at the moment. The closer view shows how intricate its structure is.

Horsetail Horsetail

Another, as yet nameless, plant is also spreading well. Again a close look at the 'flower' shows the delicate way nature designs things.



There you have it. One way or another I am being invaded by plant, insect and bird life. Not that I really mind - within reason.


  1. Think your horsetail could be the rough horsetail or Dutch rush, Equisetum hyemale.Interesting picture of the insect - I think it might be Ichneumon speciosus, a parasite of butterfly and moth caterpillars.

  2. Quite an invasion of corvids John! Making a good job of clearing up though.
    Beautiful close-up shots too.

  3. Many thanks for your input Greenfingers. This year I will take more notice of the Horsetail and photo it again when it is full grown.
    The insect certainly looks as though it belongs to the Ichneumon group. Now you have given me a starting point I had a look at several hundred photos of them. There are so many variations but found a few fairly similar.

  4. Hi Keith: Yes, quite a gathering but I can't afford to feed the whole Rookery :>)

  5. Goodness all life is here ( or there!) as they say. Your posts are fascinating and your photos beautiful as always. We had friends to dinner last night who left very, very late and after an hour and a half of clearing up I went into the bathroom and saw a spider with half of its body a bright red colour which I have never seen before, had it been earlier I would have taken a photo but I only had the energy to put it out of the window, these things always happen at the wrong time! I must try and find out what it was.

  6. Thank you Jan. It's where to start on identifying insects and the like as there are so very many.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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