Saturday, 18 July 2009

Adult and Juvenile Hedgehogs

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Looking at the relative sizes of the hedgehogs which have visited recently I think it is reasonable to assume that the small one is a juvenile.

This clip from a much longer video taken last night shows the youngster near the back of the paved area when an adult arrives. Both carry on feeding happily while there is reasonable space between them. Eventually the adult moves closer to the youngster and then the usual push and shove starts. The adult spends quite some time, head down and leaning its spines towards the other, pushing the juvenile around and apparently trying to remove it from the paved area altogether. It doesn't succeed though it makes many attempts. Both manage to get their share of the food.

First I tried for some flash photos through the double glazed window in the kitchen but as I expected there was far too much glare and they were washed out. Then I tried some flash through the single glazed conservatory door with some success despite the heavy rain and the water drops running down the glass.

The one semi-clear photo I managed to get of the juvenile

Young Hedgehog

Here the adult is charging towards the youngster at full speed.
No - it doesn't have a green nose, it's a leaf!

Adult Hedgehog

Approaching the juvenile.

Adult and Young Hedgehogs

Typical head down and body leaning so the spines can be used for offence and defence.

Adult and Young Hedgehogs

Adult and Young Hedgehogs

Each time the adult seems satisfied that the youngster was out of the way it went back to feeding as did the young one. In the end the adult left and the juvenile had the paved area to itself.


  1. Interesting observation John.
    It does make you wonder why he does that, if it is a youngster. Maybe it's to toughen him up, ready for the big wide world?

  2. You certainly do have an interesting nature show every night at your house! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Keith. I'm sure I read somewhere that Hedgehogs are not very good parents. It may be that once the kids can feed themselves the parents just don't want them near. Or it could just be pure greed!

  4. Not quite every night Mick but the outdoor cameras do give me a window on night life - up to bedtime anyway.

    Sharing makes it worthwhile and any outside activity beats the rubbish on the idiot lantern (tv) any day :)

  5. It certainly looks at though the adult is convinced Junior can now look after him/herself and is not backwards in coming forwards to get the message across.

    And - no problems at all with your website; computer behaving quite normally thank you :D

  6. Hi John,
    Interesting clip of animal behaviour - you do a great job with the videos. All that bristly pushing and shoving reminds me of the London underground. No probs viewing your blog here, btw.

  7. Hi Tricia. Thanks for letting me know about the site behaving. The adult hogs can really put a point across, in more ways than one.

  8. Thank you Rob. I am really having fun with the camcorder and am really itching to get a better quality one but as yet haven't found one with the facilities I want and costs under a tenner :)
    Thanks for letting me know that the blog is behaving.

  9. Welcome Wilma and thanks for leaving a comment. It's always appreciated.


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