Monday, 20 July 2009

Baby Hedgehog Again

I was going to give the subject of Hedgehogs a miss today but ......

Last night I had prepared the Hedgehogs' food about 8.30 p.m. not expecting to put it out for another hour. Much to my surprise when I glanced at the video camera monitor I spotted a baby hog near the paved area. That was just after 9 p.m.. I took the dish of food out to scatter and fully expected the youngster to run off but no, it stayed put, even when some of the food (sunflower kernels, crushed unsalted peanuts and dried mealworms) bounced off its back.

Slowly it began to investigate and gradually tucked in to its supper. It had the area to itself so was able to eat in peace without being pushed around by any adults.

To me it seems a little larger than the baby I saw last night. As the hogs normally have 3 to 4 in a litter this may well be a brother or sister.

As it was fairly light in spite of the dark clouds and rain I set up the camcorder and took about 10 minutes of video. The colours are a bit peculiar in places as the camera tried to cope with the low light levels. To give an idea of the size of the baby - near the beginning of the video it climbs over the wooden surround to the paving slabs. That is made of 3x3 inch timber. The video is made up of three sections from the video I took.

I also managed to use autofocus and flash with the DSLR and here is one photo of young Hope (named suggested by Glo of Porcelain Rose) just approaching a nice clump of dried mealworms.

Baby Hedgehog

Later on, soon after 10 p.m., there were two adult Hedgehogs gathering up the food missed by the youngster who had left by that time and by bedtime they had all moved on to pastures new.


  1. He's really enjoying his supper there John.
    Must be great to have them visit so often like that.

  2. It certainly is Keith. I think I must have the right combination of food so they can't resist a snack. The little perisher turned up just after half past eight this evening, before I'd even started preparing the food!

  3. OH Wow!! A baby how wonderful and I love the name you picked for it looks like a Hope...Ahhhh Love your hedgehogs John :)

  4. You're so lucky to have visits by these little critters! They are so cute...

  5. What wonderful footage! I don't think I've seen a hedgehog eating, close up like that before. It certainly looks relaxed and happy! I just remember once years ago my dog had an argument in the back garden with a hedgehog. Dog was covered in fleas and had a few spikes in her nose! Those hedgehogs know how to defend themselves!

  6. How fortunate for little Hope that she had first dibs at the meal without any interference. I think it's a smart one returning again at about the same time the next night. You have your work cut out for you, getting the meal ready in time for the nursery shift! Glad you like the name Hope. :)

  7. They are cute in their own little way Kelly and they are a gardeners friend as part of their diet is slugs.

  8. Thank you Matron. I was very happy to manage some close up footage as it is nice to see what they are really doing.

    I know the flea picking business. Many years ago I had a Jack Russell who would find a Hedgehog just before bedtime and come back in with his head covered in fleas. I would sit on the kitchen floor with him picking them off and drowning each one in a bowl of soapy water! So far Bobby has stayed flealess. Fortunately not all Hedgehogs are infested though the young one did have a good scratch last night.

  9. Hi Glo. Hope had the food to itself for an hour again last night before an adult turned up. I try not to put too much out as they have to learn to find their natural food as well. I think I will have to prepare their food when I get my tea ready.

  10. Thank you Crista. It is nice that they have produced a family. There are so many 'neat' gardens these days the hogs can have a hard time finding suitable safe places to nest.

  11. I'm very behind with comments (and posting) John, due to real life rearing its ugly head! Your recent posts have been fascinating with all the news and videos of the young hogs, they are clearly regulars now. I do applaud you for always emphasising the need for unsalted peanuts, I feel it is a crucial message which can't be repeated too much.

  12. Hi Jan. Pleased you are OK. I was beginning to get a bit worried and then I thought maybe you were away on holiday.

    I always mention the unsalted bit as many new visitors only look at the latest page so I make sure the message gets across even though some regulars might find it a bit irksome.


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