Friday, 17 July 2009

Greenfinch - Hedgehog - Videos

Firstly many thanks to Rambling Rob who identified my spiders as belonging to the group Tetragnatha extensa, the Common Stretch Spider. A large group with varied markings but Rob's pointer allowed me to Google some pictures which included a couple virtually identical to mine.

Last night the Hedgehogs were being awkward as far a videoing them went. First one of the adults spent a while eating and drinking. I waited a while and then shut down the computer. Soon after that the juvenile appeared but by the time I had got Windoze to fire up it had gone again. I waited until bedtime but nobody showed up. Having shut down the computer again we went out and there was the juvenile again. So the only video I managed last night was part of the adult's visit.

This morning, once the overnight rain had stopped, I could hear a bird up high singing away all the time I was refreshing the feeders. It took me a while to spot it way up on next doors Leylandii. There was a Greenfinch singing away. Fortunately it carried on while I got the camcorder set up and grabbed a bit of video. There are Sparrows constantly chattering away and the odd alarm call from a Blackbird telling me I was too close to the ground feeder. I added an older bit of footage of a Greenfinch at the seed feeder being given a rough ride by the Sparrows as they kept arriving and leaving but it carries on feeding regardless.

I didn't see many of the spiders this morning. I hope they didn't get washed away by last night's heavy rain.


  1. That Greenfinch is very determined to have his fill, despite the comings and goings of the Sparrows John. Nice one.

  2. Hi Keith. Yes. It takes a lot to put the Greenfinches of their food.


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