Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bath Time for a Wren

For the first time this year I set up the 350D and the home brew IR sensor to take some photographs of any birds visiting the waterfall on the garden pond. Lots of false triggers and many of the birds it did capture were in deep shadow but one lovely surprise was to capture a Wren visiting. Being such a small bird it used the shallowest pool at the bottom of the waterfall. Unfortunately most of this area was not seen by the camera but here are some shots. (All small crops)

Just arrived, thinking about a quick bath:
Wren 1

A couple of it in the water:
Wren 6

Wren 5

Looking a bit wetter than it started:
Wren 2


  1. These are stunning images. What a little beauty.

  2. It looks like the same one that was in my garden :) They are sweet little birds and great that you were able to see it with your set up!

  3. Hi John, Just had to pop over to say thank you for the Fir Tree info :)
    Am I pleased I did! What beautiful photo's. The Wren was a particular favourite of my mum. We are lucky to have some but our photography skills are no match for them.

  4. Lovely captures John! So difficult to get in the 'ordinary' way :)

  5. Thank you Adrian. Keeping out of sight and letting the camera do its thing is about the only way to capture shots of a Wren going about its daily business.

  6. They do look very similar Glo. Such secretive, shy little birds.

  7. Thank you for visiting Mo and for leaving a comment. The Wrens are difficult to photograph so it was a very pleasant surprise to catch one like that.

  8. Thank you Jan. As you say difficult to capture on film the 'regular' way. I'm surprised the detector noticed such a small heat source.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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