Friday, 22 April 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Stock Dove, Singing Wren, Hedgehogs Sharing

I was beginning to think a new PC was going to be the next expense. It may be yet as it took a lot to get it started this morning. Also the USB hub is playing up and a new one I bought stops everything from working. Don't you just love computers.

Anyway - on with the show.

Every morning for quite a while now there has been a pair of stock doves feeding in the garden. I guess they are nesting fairly close by. I did manage a bit of video of one of them the other morning. Better sunlight would have made those neck feathers really glint.

I haven't seen any activity in the Wren nest since it was finished. This morning though, when I opened the shed door, I'm sure I saw both wrens fly from the roosting pouch so there may yet be some wrenlets later in the year. One is often singing from one of three vantage points around the garden and the other day I managed some video taken through a far from clean window.

I am going to have to buy, or make, a 'sprung' mount for the microphone as it picks up too much motor noise.

A few nights ago a couple of Hedgehogs were spotted feeding peacefully together which seems to be a rare event, here anyway.

Just as I was about to pack the camera away last night there were two hogs at the feeding station. This time I thought I was finally going to video them mating. The male nearly managed it and that piece of video will have to wait for another day.

Have a great holiday weekend observing the wildlife near you.


  1. The Wren is my favourite today....A grand Friday thanks. have a good weekend.

  2. Very nice Friday Flicks John, I particularly enjoyed seeing the Wren. Yours really do seem much more willing to be out in the open than any I see in my garden.

    I have seen two Stock Doves in our garden recently.

    Your Green Men on the previous post are very impressive if just a tad scary ;)

  3. Really enjoyed seeing and hearing the wren sing! They sure do have a big sound for the size of them. Very obliging of it to pick the top of the tree in good view! Sorry you are having computer can be so frustrating.

  4. Hedgehogs mating? Now I just have to see that! Must be a prickly affair - ouch!

  5. Thank you Adrian. I hope your weekend weather is as kind as ours is at the moment.

  6. Hello Jan. Some birds do seem to like to sing from the highest exposed places.

    The Green Men look much friendlier close up.

  7. Hello Glo. Little birds do seem to make up for their size in the volume of their song though I am sure some of it is higher than I can hear these days.

  8. Not managed it yet Matron. Mrs Hedgehog is only interested in eating but Mr Hedgehog lives in hope.


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