Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Green Men

I have always looked on with envy when I have seen the occasional wood carving outside houses. Most have been large and well beyond my wallet but recently I found a company on which sells various sized carvings. Needless to say I just had to have a couple of them for the garden. The Green Men are about 55cm tall and fixed either side of my imitation wagon wheel where I used to have hanging baskets. At least the Green Men don't need watering.

Green Men

One of our usual power cuts tonight for about 80 minutes. They tend to come in batches and then everything settles down for several months. Tonight they said it was a fault on their high voltage line and affected a large area. At least my emergency lighting did its job as did the UPS (uninterruptable  power supply) units I have on the computer (which runs for just over half an hour and at least allows a clean power down without courrupting any data) and on the satellite box (which can keep it going for well over an hour, useful if it is recording).


  1. Love your green men. Somehow they remind me of Keith. ;-)

  2. Ah...the wheel to symbolize the turning of the seasons, flanked by the guardian spirits of rebirth and spring. Wonderful carving talent.

    Little does a power outage know what it has to contend with when it tries to interrupt your household ;)

  3. Wilma, I was the unpaid model lol

    I rather like them John.

  4. They should give pleasure for years to come Frank as they are cut from hardwood.

  5. They do make a different type of decoration in the garden Wilma.

  6. As long as one of them isn't the grim reaper Glo lol. I do envy the talent of people who can turn a branch or log into a piece of art.

    I really hate darkness Glo. Though with the idiot lantern lifeless it did prompt me to do a bit of e-reading.

  7. Hello Keith. I do like the mixture of art and nature with that sort of wood carving.


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