Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hedgehog Meeting and More Nesting

What a glorious day Friday was in more ways than one. Temperatures, according to my weather set up, reached  about 22C outside and almost 27C in here.

Playing through Thursday night's video captures I saw another Hedgehog encounter. No charging or bullying this time. Looked more a 'Is it time to make babies' type of meeting. It was a pity that they met up right at the edge of the camera's field of view. The answer seemed to be 'Not tonight. I've got a headache'.

Looking through Friday's captures from the Great Tit nest box I saw that some small amounts of nesting material were brought in. There was also a lot of nest box fluttering. Things are beginning to look up in that direction.

I haven't seen the Wren visit its nest but I have heard and seen it around the garden. The roosting pocket is directly above one of my paths down the garden but I have kept away from that area.


  1. A bonus for me this week. Thank you.

  2. The nest box activity is definitely looking positive John :)

    Lovely piece of Hedgehog video both here and on your previous post. I also enjoyed the Chaffinch video, it looked quite hyper!

  3. I'm just catching up on your blog and Wow - you have so many great things going on. The birds bathing in the water, the wren nesting, the hedgehogs getting frisky, and now the tit bringing in nest material! It is shaping up for a busy summer.


  4. Spring is definitely underway. I wonder if the hedgehog is trying to make up for tossing the other one into the water bowl ;) So glad to see preparations for nest building seem to have begun! I see your weather continues to be so much warmer than here!


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