Monday, 11 April 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What + Nesting Update

Gold stars to Glo and Jan for correctly identufying last week's puzzle photo. It was indeed part of a deceased bumblebee I found in the conservatory.
Image11   BB2

This week for the first time for ages I took some stacked photos of todays mystery object and used CombineZP to produce the final stacked photo.
Guess What: (actual size about 10mm)

Clue: just the thing for a feathery maternity ward.

No prizes - just for fun.

Great Tit Nest box Update:
The nesting material continues to arrive, usually early morning and late in the afternoon.

Great Tit Nest Building

This morning I spotted the Wren going in the roosting pocket. The first time I have seen it for several days so all seems to be OK in that direction.


  1. John, I didn't have a clue till your clue but now I know it's moss.

  2. No idea with the picture John, but the video of the Great Tit and its nest, is fascinating.

  3. It's a real privilege to see the goings on Keith.

  4. Looks like moss to me! I bet the tit likes it in the nest box. The nest seems to be taking shape- how exciting.

  5. Thank you for the gold star John :) I have no idea on this one though!

    Good to see the nesting is progressing.

  6. Hi John ~ Thanks for the gold star :) I think this one is the same nesting material as used by the wren -- moss :)


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