Monday, 4 April 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What

Late in the day - been busy - playing. (Thank you for enquiring Adrian) Finally made my mind up what to buy me as a belated b'day prezzy. Anyway on with the show. Me thinks last week's clue was a tad on the difficult side, sorry. It was based on the type found in the Daily Telegraph when I used indulge in crossword puzzles many years ago. Maybe they get easier after a few bevies.

The clue was:
Confused race amongst part of the hive.
It was a hidden anagram using the underlined letters.
The result being echeveria. Glo was on the right track thinking it was a succulent of some sort so deserves a silver star. Thanks to all who gave it a try.

Image270311  P1020366  P1020362

Maybe this week's puzzle photo will be somewhat easier:


Clue: Rimsky-Korsakov

Just for fun, no prizes.


  1. The Flight of the Bumblebee - so bumblebee it is, I hope :) I don't like those claw-like pointy bits, but I think I see its knees.

    Thanks for the silver star - I would never figured out the real answer, though.

    So what did you buy yourself?

  2. I noticed that Mo thanked you on her blog for identifying her tree ~ so thanks for your help!

  3. Methinks it has to be a Bumblebee!

  4. I'll go for a spider. Glad you ate okay.


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