Sunday, 10 April 2011

Pages From a Hedgehog's Diary

April 9th 2011

While I was walking my usual nightly mile or two I met this lovely lady Hedgehog eating at the Birdy Bistro.

2 Hedgehogs 01

I went across to her and said hello but she was only interested in her favourite dinner of dried mealworms. Every time I spoke to her she just ignored me or gave me the cold shoulder. I tried over and over again, using up all my best snuffle chat up lines.

What lovely glossy spines you have.
Do you come here often?
Your dark eyes glitter like a moonless sky.
What's a pretty hedgehog like you doing in a place like this?
Do you fancy a walk together round the next garden?

She did let me join her for a quick meal.
Over and over I tried to strike up a conversation. I even kept inviting her to follow me but every time I wandered off she just went back to eating.

You can see from this speeded up video just how hard I was trying.

It was over half an hour before she made a move. A couple of hours later we were seen by a human as we snuggled up together in a dark corner.

2 Hedgehogs 02

Whether I managed to persuade her to go back to my place I will leave to your imagination.


  1. Smashing........gave me a smile over lunch.

  2. Ain't nature wonderful!
    Great stuff John.

  3. Adorable. One of my favorite words in the Spanish language....el erizo....the hedgehog.

  4. LOL -"Your dark eyes glitter like a moonless sky." Hedgehog is quite the smooth talker ~ it looks like she was won over at last. Always enjoy epistolary exchanges, either in diary or letter form :)

  5. Thank you Keith. Hardly a dull moment here.

  6. They are fascinating creatures Rohrerbot.

  7. I am pleased you enjoyed it Glo. I got the idea from reading a certain Porcelain Rose lol.

  8. It looked like his persistence paid off and my goodness he was persistent! I loved the chat up lines particularly the one Glo mentioned :) As I was reading, I definitely sensed a touch of Glo's influence ;)

    Well done! A most entertaining post John.

  9. Wasn't he just Jan. Pleased you enjoyed it.


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