Sunday, 17 April 2011

This Season's Look for Starlings

This year we are mainly going in for the punk look.

Punk Starling 1


  1. LOL! That photo is hilarious ~ Right punk, indeed ~ a very startling Starling.

    Super photo John.

  2. Absolutely superb.......they are the clowns of the avian world.

  3. Not the only one Glo. There were several looking much the same. We could never accuse a Starling of not being a thorough bather.

  4. Clowns indeed Adrian. They are never self concious about making a spectacle of themselves.

  5. Priceless ;) No other bird which visits my bird bath makes the water as dirty as the Starlings do, goodness knows how they get so much dirtier than the others!

  6. Hello Jan. They are either very messy birds or just very good at cleaning themselves.


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