Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Juvenile Jackdaws, Red Admiral

Just a bit wet here last night. Raging thunderstorm with 0.61 inches (15.5mm) of rain recorded in half an hour. Not a lot by some standards but a great deal for this part of the country. It was so intense that the even the satellite TV signal was lost.

Every morning for the past few days the air has been filled with the squawking of hungry juvenile Jackdaws. They are old enough to feed themselves and if they pester the adults they get chased away. As always Jackdaws are very wary and fly away if they see the slightest human movement so part of this video was filmed through the kitchen window and the remainder captured automatically by the Hedgehog camera.

Visits by butterflies are still something of a rarity this year. I have seen a few whites and the occasional brown flutter through the garden but this Red Admiral has been the only one to stay for a short while.

 Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.


  1. It's a poor year for butterflies and dragon flies. A fine specimen you had to visit.

  2. I think I have only seen about one Red Admiral this year John.
    Hopefully it will pick up a bit soon.

  3. Yea, the butterflies have been very scarce this year.
    Nice to see a Red Admiral.

  4. It is Adrian. A few whites about now but very little else.

  5. Hello Roy. I've seen three, or at least on three occasions so far but not much else apart from whites.

  6. It was nice to capture a bit of video of a pristine one Keith.


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