Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Night Visitors

Very little of note going on here recently though I must admit I haven't really been in the mood to notice. Been feeling weary with life not helped by being in a bad temper a lot of the time.

Hedgehogs continue to visit nightly.

This one from earlier in the year when there were frequent visits by a mouse.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.


  1. That mouse is a pretty quick mover John.

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit down in the dumps, and hope your spirits lift and things look brighter. As you may have noticed I have dropped off the blogging scene for awhile for a mix of reasons...the weather here this summer has been very unsettled and a weird July for sure. Lots of rain and when the sun comes out for a minute everyone goes daft and runs out and gets sunburned! The cherries were a total write off...they were green and hard, and then when the sun came out they turned red and split! I saw three raccoons in the tree one night so I guess they didn't mind. I got so fed up with the weather, my son and I took off for four days (he had a long weekend) and drove to Coeur d'Alene which is in Idaho...lots of travelling but we found the sun and had a nice break. (1678 km total) I guess I could have written this in a blog post :) Anyway, I hope you cheer up...I've been under a bit of a grey cloud myself, but hope to smarten up soon ;)

  3. Hi John,

    Like Glo says, we hope you will start to feel more cheery fairly soon. One would not know it from your blog as you are always showing such enthusiasm and such a variety of wonderful topics. Thank you again for all your efforts as when we feel down, we look at your blog to cheer us up and it always does. Like Glo, we too have dropped off blogging unfortunately but we are hoping to restart soon. We do not know where all your energy comes from. Perhaps you could be in need of some long-overdue 'Me-Time' ?

    And thankfully your little tits are still popping back to visit the bistro and your hedgies are coming by at night for a munch, which is so lovely to see. We are down from having 11 hedgies to just 4. Poor little Cameron (# 10 to appear from hibernation) passed away last month and we hope the other missing ones have just gone walk-about and will be back soon.

    Chin-up :)

  4. It certainly is Keith. With the number of nocturnal cats round here they don't hang about.

  5. Animonster. Thank you for visiting and for leaving a comment.

  6. Glo and Twosie. Thank you for your wishes. It seems to be a two to three week phase I go through once or twice a year. Dreary weather doesn't help! At least yesterday was glorious and really lifted the spirits.

  7. Glo. Have you been having the 99F temperatures I have been hearing about? That would be too much of a good thing.

  8. Twosie. The young Great Tits are independent now and arrive singly now they have been shown where the free food is.
    Sorry to hear you lost one of your hedgies. It has quietened down here now we seem to be past the mating season. Maybe the females are snuggled up in a nursery somewhere. I keep hoping to hear the rattle of tiny spikes.


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