Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hungry Juvenile Jackdaw

I'm here Ma and I'm hungry:

Juvenile Jackdaw 2

Juvenile Jackdaw 1

Oh well. If you won't feed me I'll see what this tastes like::

Juvenile Jackdaw 3

Juvenile Jackdaw 4

Photos were enhanced using the ReDynaMix plugin.


  1. The first two shots are great. Not sure about ReDynaMx.......what's it do?

  2. Fun series. Interesting to see still how downy and fluffy the juvenile is.

  3. Hello Adrian. HDR type processing on a single photo.

  4. Love the second one John.
    They're noisy things when they're hungry; just like the Crows round my local lake lol

  5. Thank you for visiting and commenting Tim. Yes, some were very downy, can't have left the nest very long ago.

  6. Thank you Keith. When we are on the way back from our morning tour of the village I can hear them from quite a distance away.


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