Monday, 4 July 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What

Congratulations and virtual Gold Stars to Adrian, Wilma and Keith for identifying the close shot of a tea bag, Sydney would have been proud of you. (For those who remember the Tetley Tea Folk)

P1020633c    P1020630

I couldn't make my mind up what to use today but finally decided on this.

Guess what:
Image 08

Clue: Love it with a chunk of cheese, though not this part.

No prizes. Just for fun.


  1. Tetley Tea Folk; ahhh, that takes me back John.

    Well, I reckon part of an onion..........but I'm blowed if I know what bit. The flower?

  2. I too thought onion, (before I saw Keith's comment). The crinkly bit at the top which you cut off and it would have to be a red onion I think. I'm not overly confident though :)

  3. totally stumped this week, John. The photo is lovely, though.


  4. It's an onion flower........missed this yesterday.


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