Sunday, 11 September 2011

Mother and Juvenile Hedgehogs

About 9pm last night I was just about to let Bobby out in the back garden when I noticed two Hedgehogs feeding. For once they were eating peacefully together and it was only while photographing them through the glass in the back door that I noticed their difference in size. The smaller one was obviously this year's juvenile and the larger was most probably its mother as the male takes no part in raising youngsters.

Yummy, yummy. Dried mealworms and crushed unsalted peanuts.
Mother and Juvenile Hedgehogs 1

Mother and Juvenile Hedgehog 3a

Mother and Juvenile Hedgehogs 2

I also managed a bit of video before they both left the area, hopefully usable on Friday at the Flicks.


  1. Beautiful shots. A good job you keep the glass clean.

  2. That's a wonderful sight to see John.

  3. Adrian: The window cleaner does a good job!

  4. Keith. I'm never satisfied. Would love to have seen two or three youngsters but at least they are breeding in the area.

  5. I know I am Wilma - oh, you mean the Hedgehogs ;)
    They even showed good table manners. The first time for a long time one hasn't sat in the middle of the dish to eat.


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