Saturday, 10 September 2011

Three Quarters of a Sunset

To be exact - a brief though lovely Sunset over three quarters of the sky.

Looking North:
Sunset 03

Looking East:
Sunset 05

Looking South:
Sunset 04

I didn't bother with 'looking West'. In that direction were thick, dark, fast moving rain clouds. All racing North. Probably trying to find out where Adrian is ;-)

The breeze has been picking up as the day progressed.
Presumably the edge of the depression which was Hurricane Katia now heading across the Atlantic in our direction. So far the Met Office maps show the worst of the storm is expected to pass north of Lincolnshire on Monday though things can change.

The three Sunset photos were tweaked somewhat using the Redynamix plugin.


  1. Interesting looking sky John.
    Hope the strong winds miss you.

  2. What a delightful sunset, John.

  3. I'm not wet.....A grand night with moon and stars. I like the images almost HDR.

  4. Beautiful colors in the sunset. I hope the bad weather coming your way doesn't stay around for too long. We had a SW-erly change come through Friday which gave us a couple of days of very cold weather again but today is back to what it should be in this part of the world :-)

  5. Keith: All quiet at the moment. It was interesting that most of the clouds seemed to be dragged towards the West, even though they weren't moving in that direction. Strange.

  6. Wilma. Most times the red in is the West. Fairly rare to see it on the opposite side of the sky.

  7. Adrian: Artificial HDR with ReDymaMix. I did take three shots of each to make HDR and then decided the plugin was quicker and easier.

  8. Mick. The effect only lasted a quarter of an hour or so and we haven't had many pretty Sunsets this year.
    The high winds are forecast to pass through in 24 - 36hrs.


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