Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday at the Flicks - Flutter - Bird Table - Nest Box

I have only seen two butterflies so far this year but that is two more than I normally see in March. This Small Tortoiseshell was resting on a Grape Hyacinth:

For a time to time I have considered fixing a camera near the Bird Table to observe just how many different birds visit it. Wednesday was a nice sunny day so I finally got Round Tuit. As usual what was planned to be an hours task took most of the day as I tried out a couple of cameras and different lenses. I do have a spare outdoor camera which I tried first but the results were poor so I opted for an indoor camera fitted in a waterproof housing. This is the first trial recordings: The wire mesh is to keep out the larger birds and give the smaller ones a chance to get their share of the food. (silent)

Finally - a few days ago I happened to capture both Great Tits making further investigations of the camera nest box.: One of them is the one with a bald head seen earlier. It looks as though new feathers are starting to grow. (silent and longer than my usual clips at 3min 30sec)

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you wherever you are.


  1. I always enjoy your videos John.
    The Great Tits certainly look like they're set to move in. Fascinating to watch the private wildlife behaviour that we would otherwise miss.
    And the bird table is certainly attracting a wide range of visitors.

  2. Pleased you enjoy them Keith.
    Haven't seen the GTs today though I can see something has been in there.
    I've been determined to get some close views of the visitors to the bird table. There are more different ones but they stay such a short time.
    I must have another go at setting up a live feed.

  3. I couldn't agree more with holdingmoments.
    I enjoy watching them streching tall and peeking out the main entrance and then checking out all angles inside. Don't suppose I could buy you a airline ticket to come and put up cameras in my yard?

    Me in Minnesota

    1. Glad you like them.
      Sorry, don't think claustrophobia would let me stay sane in a metal tube for that length of time. You need to find a friendly local Ham Radio operator who is interested in Amateur Television to sort things out for you.


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