Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday at the Flicks - Hedgehog Time, Blackcap, Bobby's Picnic

Up to three different Hedgehogs are visiting every night now.  Here two different adults (different markings) and one juvenile arrive at various times on one night.

Early last night an adult was eating when a juvenile arrived. It appeared quite nervous and approached very cautiously. That time it didn't manage to get much to eat but did return twice by itself to finish off the remaining peanuts.

I haven't seen any sign of the Blackcap for several days so I guess it made up for weight loss on its journey back to England and then moved on to find a mate. I did manage this bit of video when it spent a short while at the Birdy Bistro.

Bobby has always been a Sun worshipper. During the exceptional weather this past week he spent much time dozing on the lawn. On one occasion he wasn't interested in coming inside to eat so ended up with a beefburger picnic on the lawn, complete with hidden medication.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you, wherever you are.


  1. Most enjoyable Flicks, John. I do hope a dip in the weather doesn't adversely affect the Hedgehogs. Nice to see the Blackcap closely, they do seem to find fat treats irresistible.

    So lovely to see Bobby, as you know I was rather worried about him but he was certainly enjoying his lunch in the sun. Louis likes to eat outside in the sunshine when it is warm. He is a very finicky eater and now he isn't able to get much exercise has to be tempted. We have been spending a fortune on expensive beef slices lately which we have found to be the only way to disguise the very large antibiotics he is on at the moment to treat a cyst!

  2. 2nd attempt - Blogger trashed the first one.

    Pleased you enjoyed them Jan.

    Bobby can be fussy. He often sniffs and licks every piece of food before deciding it is safe to eat. His diet is minced beef, chicken thighs and tinned beef with liver at the moment. No matter how much he eats he still looks skinny.

  3. Lovely to see Bobby enjoying his alfresco beefburger, what a treat. Have a lovely weekend John, Linda

    1. A rare treat Linda as I don't buy them very often.
      Hope your weekend is warmer than it is here.

  4. Much activity in your garden ~ enjoyable to watch. What a pleasant day for a picnic lunch, which I'm sure Bobby truly appreciated. Heck, I'd like the weather to be warm enough to sit on the grass for a picnic!

    1. Daytimes have been glorious this past week Glo. The nights have stayed cold though and now daytime is back to normal. Nice while it lasted.


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