Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mrs GT Examines the Nest Box

The female Great Tit spent about a quarter of an hour examining the nest box this morning. This is the complete raw recording so be warned - it is a lot longer than my usual videos. Several times she makes the next box flutter where she spreads her wings. Also she examines every part of the box including the hole the camera peeps through.

Mr GT turned up a short while later for a very brief visit.

I was hoping to set up a video feed from the box but after struggling for hours over the weekend trying to get two different systems working I had to give up. The problem seems to be making my router accept an outgoing video stream.


  1. She's certainly thorough John. lol

    1. Very true Keith. They spend days checking things out before making a choice.

  2. Hi John,

    Great to see the level of activity in your camera nest box at the moment, and nice video. Looks very promising :) Not looking so promising here. There is a great tit pair that don't seem to have started nesting yet that spend a lot of time around the area of our nest box but don't seem to want to actually check it out. It might be that the female is already building a nest elsewhere but to me it looks as though they are still looking around for a nest site. One of the pair was on the hole of the box a couple of days ago but I'm not too confident it will return to be honest. If nothing happens in the next week or so, I think that'll be it for this year really.

    Anyway, hope all goes well with yours, it will be great to watch if they do end up using your box :D

    But on the plus side, we do have a pair of robins nesting at the end of our garden. Don't want to risk disturbing them by setting up the camera on the nest though.

  3. what is it?
    my guess is frog eggs/prepolywogs?
    they look a little like sculpted chocolate in a clear jelly

    me in minnesota


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