Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunset Tweaked

I missed the best of yesterday's sunset. I could see it was going to be  colourful but by the time Bobby and I had reached an open space it was fading rapidly. I took a few shots to see what could be done with them. All have been cropped for height.

This one is as taken by the iPhone4 with just a slight amount of tweaking in Photoshop Elements.

Sunset IMG_0196

This one is as the Lumix TZ7 saw things a couple of minutes earlier:

Sunset P1030452 r

and the same photo but this time (over) processed with the ReDynaMix plugin to get the maximum colour, I am always amazed at the colour and detail ReDynaMix finds in the dark and light portions of a picture.

Sunset P1030452

Finally a  zoomed shot from the Lumix with some processing in Elements:

Sunset P1030463

On an enlarged copy of the final view it is possible to see Belmont TV tower on the right with all the red warning lights shining to warn aircraft of its 351.85m (1,154 ft) presence.



  1. I really like the result from the ReDynaMix. Just think - if our eyes and cameras had more dynamic range, that is what we might be able to see at the original scene.

  2. I like the process of how you did this. I love the challenge of a shot and picture. Cameras and the editing process is a fascinating thing.

  3. It can give interesting results Wilma. There are quite a few controls in the plugin.

  4. Thank you Roherbot, some photos just ask for a bit of tweaking to make them more interesting.


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