Thursday, 29 March 2012

That Fuzzy Fly

While cutting the grass this afternoon two Bee Flies hovered nearby so I grabbed the 350D and took a few photos, manual focus. This was the best of the bunch - much cropped:

Bee Fly IMG_7671

Thanks again to Jan and Pete Smith for the identification.


  1. Great photo - I've been trying for years to get something similar. Saw the year's first bee fly in my garden today, feeding on Anchusa, but by the time I got my camera it was gone...

    1. Thanks Phil. Fortunately they were hovering for a decent while which gave me a fighting chance. Until last year I had never seen one. Not seen one land on anything yet. They just seem to enjoy flying in the Sunshine.

  2. Looks great. Love shots of bees in midflight.

  3. That is an excellent photo, John. I can imagine how difficult it was. I tried to get one of a Hoverfly in the air yesterday but couldn't even get it in the viewfinder!

  4. Thank you Jan. I usually have the same problem but the Bee Fly was being very obliging.


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