Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wings on Wednesday - Bumble Bee

Every time the Sun shines out come various insects including the bumble bees. This one was out on a rather cool day and I think it was having problems getting its wing muscles up to the temperature needed for flight.

Bumble Bee P1030483 copy

Bumble Bee P1030487 copy

That would have been a bit of a problem as it needs a wing muscle temperature of 30C to fly and the air temperature was around 8C.  The best it could do was to crawl along the piece of wood it had landed on.


  1. Replies
    1. Ta.
      Courtesy of Elements - guided - lens effect - DOF
      Seemed to be a subject worth trying it out.

    2. Never found that one....thanks I'll give it a whirl.

    3. No I won't. I have not got Elements 10. It's not in Elements 9.

    4. Don't know whether this would work in 9, found in the help file:
      Try this in Full Edit:
      Open picture file
      Duplicate the background layer
      Blur the background copy layer (Filter>blur>surface blur)
      Add a mask to this layer. Left click on the mask
      Access a black brush and paint over the area that is to remain in focus. You can change the brush opacity to tailor the effect. If you go too far, you can correct with a white brush

  2. Aaaaaw, he's SO beautiful John! I hope he got warmed up and got home safely!

    1. I expect it did Maree. They shiver to warm up the wing muscles.

  3. It's lovely to see bees again and you got some great captures!

    1. It is Jan. They don't usually let me get that close.


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