Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wings on Wednesday - Stock Dove

Last year I used to have a few Stock Doves visiting the garden.  So far this year only one has been visiting, or at least only one at a time. I am always fascinated by the neck feathers which glint like coloured tin foil, especially in direct Sunlight.

Stock Dove 02

That is what makes it so easy to distinguish them from other doves which visit the garden.

Stock Dove 01

Most of the time Stock Doves don't build nests but may use hollows in trees and rock faces or even nest in rabbit burrows. There are no rock faces nearby. There may be a few trees with hollows but there are certainly plenty of rabbit burrows in the area.


  1. Lovely images of the Stock Dove John.
    I don't see very many of these around now.

  2. What a gorgeous bird John. Have never heard of them, had to Google it. They look very similar to the Feral Pigeons we have here in South Africa, but obviously a totally different breed... It is SO lovely to learn about the bird life in other countries, thanks for this one!

  3. I always think they are very peaceful looking birds John. You have certainly caught the metallic sheen beautifully.

    It seems really odd to think of them nesting in Rabbit burrows :-)

  4. Thank you Roy. It is only in the past couple of years or so that they have visited here.

  5. They are Maree. They are much more nervous than other doves and soon fly away at the slightest possibility of danger.
    That is one beauty of being able to follow nature blogs from around the world. We get to see so many different creatures.

  6. They are peaceful Jan. Even on the odd occasion I have had a few visit I have never seen them show any aggression.
    I can't imagine such a large bird using rabbit burrows but that what my bird app says.


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