Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Guess What + Monty Jnr

Running more than a bit late. I think we are both catching up on our beauty sleep - one needs it more than the other but I'll let you decide which is which.

First a crop from another sign of Spring to come which should be recognisable.
Guess What:


No prizes - just for fun.

I can't wait for Winter to end. The past three days the maximum temperature has been +2C. If I put on any more layers when we go walk-about I'm sure I will get mistaken for the Michelin Man. At least it looks as though there will be a small upward movement in temperature starting tomorrow.

Last week was fraught. Penny's tummy problems only seemed to get worse so on Friday I phoned the vet and within a couple of hours she was being examined. She left evidence in the waiting room of how bad she was so there was no disputing that! Penny was taken off the anti-inflammatory tablets and put on a course of antibiotics. The vet said her problem would clear up quickly and sure enough by the end of Sunday she was back in normal food vacuum cleaner mode and we were both getting a full night's sleep once again. The vet was pleased with the healing progress of her gums after the two extractions though they do still hurt a little so she is staying with soft food for a while longer.

This morning a replacement arrived for Monty the Moose - Monty Jnr - which she immediately fell in love with and spent ages making sure he would squeak and grunt as well as the first one.

Monty Jnr.jpg

I wonder how much hurling about this one will take before it starts to fall apart.


  1. Good to here Penny is fit again.

  2. glad she's doing better, finally! poor girl!

  3. Poor Penny, what an ordeal she has had! What a shame the vet didn't warn you of side effects from the tablets, at least then you would have realised what was causing the problem and been able to act accordingly...I'm rather glad she produced proof in the waiting room, after all it was the vet's fault ;-)

    I'm so glad she is feeling much better and that you are both able to sleep properly now. Lovely to see her enjoying her new companion, she deserves some fun after all that!

    1. Jan: I looked up the drug on the internet and noticed the possible side effects which was why I kept badgering the vets. The chances of that side effect were low so we had to be sure.
      Penny is much improved, hurling her toys round the room and eating everything she can lay her mouth on.

  4. I think your mystery photo is Crocus flowers :-)

  5. Penny knew what she was doing when she picked you out as her caregiver.

  6. it snowing there now, i just viewed a 4 split screen posting of yours.

    1. ImaBurdie: Snow turned to heavy rain overnight so it has all gone now.

  7. Lets see, my first crop is the dandelion~same bright yellow and green.
    But my Guess What guess is a Crocus.

  8. So happy to hear Penny has recovered from her ordeal and flinging toys about! Happy Valentine's Day!


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