Saturday, 2 February 2013

Village Church - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Glorious blue sky and brilliant sunshine for much of yesterday. Quite chilly but it is only the start of February. We had a couple of good walks round the village to get some well deserved fresh air. Part of one route took us through the churchyard which kept me and my trusty Nikon S9050 busy.

The good things noticed were these signs that Spring is round the corner:

Winter Aconite:




(I did spot a few daffodils in full bloom in the sheltered corner of a garden on our way home.)

Also it was good to be able to clearly see a part of the church it has been difficult to get at in the past when part of the graveyard was fenced off with sheep grazing on the grass. The fence has been removed and one can wander at will all round the outside of the church.

The bad is the way bricks have been used in the past to repair part of the structure which does rather spoil such an old stone built church:


The ugly - the gargoyles and grotesques decorating the roof line of course. Some are probably carved from something like sandstone which has weathered badly over the years:

IMG_0320.jpg   IMG_0321.jpg

IMG_0323.jpg   IMG_0324.jpg


All in all we both enjoyed a satisfying and rewarding perambulation.


  1. A good walk round. Rained here again but not hard.
    Did you use flash for the Gargoyles?
    Effective lighting whatever it is.

    1. No flash Adrian, just natural Winter midday sunlight. Would have to be a strong flash to reach the 100 foot or more from where I stood up to the roof ;) The 15X zoom on the Nikon was very useful for those.
      What I did do with the gargoyle photos was put them in the iPad and use PicsPlay Pro to add a circular vignetting effect to darken the edges of the photo. Could probably do the same with Elements but the iPad app is so easy to find the effect I want.

  2. Its good to see the first flowers of the year again John.

  3. great looking church features! love your spring things, too. :)

    1. TWG: Never know what will be found on old buildings.

  4. It seems that signs of spring come earlier to you than they do in Georgia where I grew up. In Georgia, the first daffodils are usually not apparent until late February and grass that green and lush would be later still. Love the church pictures. Also - the shadow photo yesterday is great!

    1. Plants and wildlife are confused this year Wilma. I was reading that our local hedgehog sanctuary has scores of hogs which will not hibernate as it has not been cold enough to prompt them.

  5. How lovely to see the Winter Aconites and Snowdrops! Such a wonderful promise of Spring. It looks like you had a very pleasant walk and took some lovely photos too.

    I also particularly liked the photo with the shadows on the previous post. It looked rather like a painting, really beautiful John.

    1. Jan, it always cheers me up when the Winter Aconites start blooming in the churchyard. I think we both enjoyed our walks in the Sunshine in spite of the cold.

      I was really pleased with the result of the shadow photo, even if Penny did end up looking like a small giraffe ;)

  6. Great photos, and such fun gargoyles. I can smell the earth warming,still months away for us.
    (Penny eh? it looked a wee bit like a baby dinosaur. :>


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