Saturday, 16 February 2013

Woody Returns

It seems that the Great Spotted Woodpeckers are making frequent visits to my peanut feeder. Yesterday morning I spotted a male on the feeder and managed a few still shots.

 Male Great Spotted Woodpecker

You would have had a good laugh if you had seen me on hands and knees crawling over to the video camera to move it further away from the kitchen window. Fortunately the ruse worked and I was able to get some video. Unfortunately the Hitachi DVD cam got its white balance in a twist and the video turned out very blue which I managed to partly correct on the PC. I also managed to take some with the Nikon S9050 which is the last part of this video:

The soundtrack is 'Hunger After Dinner', from an old Protracker module file by Delta X of Fraxion.


  1. Good to see him back. For an awful moment I THOUGHT I WAS A DAY AHEAD OF MYSELF.

  2. That's a bird I'd like to see in my garden. Nice one John.

    1. Keith: It makes up for the lack of Waxwings round here ;)


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