Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Fresh Country Smell

On our way down a lane yesterday we had to make way while some farm machinery passed us. A tractor pulling a tanker full of farmyard slurry. This was heading to the field next to the lane. Fortunately the driver started this run well across the field as it is not the best farming activity to get caught up in with a cross wind:

DSCN1350 copy

Apparently, in spite of the goodness knows how many gallons of slurry it contained, there was only enough for one run across the field and we once again had to make way for it to pass us.


The first time we couldn't tell what it contained but we definitely got a good whiff of its contents the second time. What my mother used to call a fresh country smell. At least it is making good use of a waste product to fertilise the field ready for the next crop.


  1. I love the fade out...a couple of seconds longer and it really would look as if you two had been fertilized.

  2. Thats good stuff John, it will put hairs on your chest.{:))

  3. thanks for the memory! back in wisconsin, we could always tell it was spring by the aroma in the air of the dairy farmers spreading manure in the fields after a long winter pile-up.

    1. TWG. Yes, I can usually tell when the farmers start muck spreading before I see them.


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