Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Stock Dove

Every now and then I am graced by the visit of a Stock Dove. A few days ago two soent most of the day in and around the garden. They were very nervous and flew off at the slightest disturbance. Fortunately they only went as far as a high branch in a nearby tree and soon returned to see what scattered seed they could find.

IMG_6348 Stock Dove

I trust those in the UK Midlands, amongst others,  survived yesterday's slow moving storm. I kept an eye on one of the sites which shows where there are lightning strikes. Things looked very intense for many hours. One weather reporting site had video of a funnel cloud forming. Fortunately it didn't reach ground level before it disappeared.

Here the thunder storm didn't arrive until 9 p.m. ish and lasted a few hours. The cloud to cloud lightning was so bright the surveillance cameras were able to show full colour and much of the time the light was blue rather than white. The strikes must have been high up as the thunder was a lot quieter than would be expected with so many continuous bright strikes though floors and windows could be felt vibrating.

A good place to see a map showing recent lightning strikes in the UK is NetWeather  Not much around this morning I'm pleased to say.


  1. I too watch Netweather. It's very humid up here in the north but no sign of nimbus building.

    1. Adrian: A really humid day here also - worse than before the storm. Also the hottest for 10 days.

  2. yikes! i don't like lightning (or too much thunder). 2 of my dogs don't either. :)

    really pretty pigeon or stock dove!

    1. TWG: Not mine either. Penny hates sudden noises. My previous hairy monster, Bobby would just open one eye, look as though asking me to turn the noise down, and go back to sleep.

      The Stock Dove looks even better in Sunlight. Unfortunately they came on a dull day.


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