Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer Seems to Have Arrived at Last

On the whole temperatures have been very decent so far this month with at least one forecast saying the hot spell should last all month. That is not to say every day is glorious. Over the weekend it was hot but here yesterday thick cloud obscured the Sun until about 6 p.m. so the temperature took a dive, only just reaching 16C


Looks as though things are recovering today.

At the start of this hot spell there were some lovely cloud formations over the Lincolnshire Wolds as can be seen in these two panoramas each made with two stitched photos:



While were walking down that lane a helicopter came overhead much lower than they usually do over a built up area. It was the first time, after many attempts over the months, that I managed to get the Nikon to focus on something in the sky. I don't find it easy to use the LCD screen to frame things looking upwards - give me a traditional viewfinder any time.


It then moved on to fly low along the edge of the old airfiled before moving on across open countryside:


I wondered what it was looking for and on reading the local rag all was made clear. The company responsible for overhead power lines was conducting a survey to check on their condition. As many cross fields that is the quickest way to cover the many thousands of miles of power lines in the county. That was one mystery solved.


  1. the cloud shots look like it could be texas. :)

    1. I bet the temperatures are a bit different TWG.

  2. Glad you are basking John. It's 13 degrees C here top wack. The wind has dropped but now it's foggy. What did you stitch with? I only use ICE or PS. Ice is good for large numbers of relatively low resolution JPEGs. It's quick but doesn't cope all that well if your exposures aren't manual.

    1. I use ICE for those two Adrian. As you say it's quick but a large number of shots with the Nikon can have different exposures.


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