Thursday, 18 July 2013

Water Feature + Flowers

Another short piece of tinkering with trakAxPC to see what it can do in the way of overlaying video and photos:

It has been surprisingly easy to come to terms with a different layout when adding clips, etc.. All modifications can be viewed, tested and altered in real time. I have been very surprised with the speed it operates on my old XP PC. Far better than the clunky, bloated, crashing software I have from Corel. It may not have all the facilities of the more expensive software but more than enough to keep me happy. In fact it works so well I have now bought a licence which allows it to be used on two computers. It can run on the PC and the laptop for the price of one key. Also when buying a new PC the program on the old machine can be deactivated so it can be installed on the new one. Coming soon will be the added facility to use the green screen technique and cropping of videos.

One thing - when checking the price of the software be aware that in the EU VAT will be be added!


  1. you make it look very professional. i like your water feature and statues.

    1. Thank you TWG - it's really down to a good piece of software.
      I love those wood carvings. I keep meaning to buy some more.

  2. John, if I had the patience for video I'd have a look. I do have video editing with CS6 and so I should the price it is. I really will have to get to grips with it.
    That is a fine water good I had to pop away for a quick leak.

    1. He he. Adrian: since my op I don't have the water sound problem!


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