Wednesday, 7 August 2013


A couple of days ago I took a series of shots looking across the cricket field. Five overlapping shots were stitched using ICE to make a panorama:


Then 377 copies of that were made so it could be made in to a video panning panorama using Panolapse:


  1. John, I like the idea but it has not rendered smooth which it should have done. All that work for jerky or is that me?

  2. Adrian: I was disappointed with the result this time. I think it really needed more copies. For my time lapse I often have around 700+ photos to get a smooth video.

    1. John I'll try and rake up the enthusiasm to run one in Photoshop. It takes no time to render a time line and then it takes forever to get it re-rendered to YouTube or Vimeo. Vimeo is a bit quicker but I have limited experience of both. Drop the frame rate to twenty a second and I guess that will be fine. TV works on twenty if I'm not mistaken but I've yet to be grabbed by video. I enjoy it...but it is not for me to produce it.....Yet.

    2. Adrian. UK TV rate is 25fps US 30fps. When I do the clouds time lapse with GIF2AVI I usually pick 10fps. Unfortunately I don't think Panalapse will go that low.

  3. you are getting quite adept at these things!


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