Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday at the Flicks - Bees on Buddleia

A couple of days ago I was processing some cloud photos in Elements. As I finished tweaking the final one the program suddenly grabbed all memory and locked up. A forced closure and restart showed that all the work had been lost. I couldn't be bothered to go through it all again.

Looking around for other photo processing software I found Paint.NET, a free program so downloaded it along with some extra free effects plug-ins to try it out. Here are a couple of early trials:

The originals:
DSCN1530      DSCN1539
Both can be enlarged.

The finished results, foreground deliberately kept dark:


Only the one video this week. While the large buddleia bush was in full flower it attracted plenty of bumble bees:

Unfortunately it has now finished flowering.

Have a great weekend observing the world around you.


  1. That is a bit naughty of Elements.
    Summer is brilliant this year. It should allow nature to catch up a bit.

    1. Not the first time Adrian. I must remember to save each one as I finish it.

  2. your sky shots turned out well! love the bee on the butterfly bush!

    1. tWG: There have been lots of nice cloud formations recently. The Buddleia has done well this year.

  3. Our buddelais have been great too and much loved by the hoardes of peacock butterflies.


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