Monday, 26 August 2013

IR Timelapse Clouds

A first experiment in making an IR timelapse video:

Fujifilm IS-1 with 950nm IR filter. One shot every 8 seconds.
IR JPGs converted to greyscale using Irfanview batch facility.
Final JPGs bulk loaded in trakAxPC with each frame shown for 1/10 second.
Result saved as mp4.

Small moving circle is the Moon
Light coloured streak - aircraft con trail.
Large pale circle - lens hot spot.

Macro on Monday will follow later today.


  1. nice to see the moon 'move'. :)

    1. TWG. It becomes a problem with close movie shots of the Moon - it will keep moving out of shot!

  2. Not, a good movie. The hot spot is typical Fuji as is noise. Not your problem. I'll give the Canon a whirl this next week or two. I can't afford to switch a Canon to IR. Having switched from Olympus to Cannon I've been swapping lenses like an idiot. I think I've settled to Canon.

    1. Adrian: From what I've read recently hot spots are not exclusively a Fuji problem. I think it is more noticeable at certain zoom settings. That was at 50mm so I will try a different one next time.


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