Monday, 19 August 2013

Macro on Monday - Guess What

gold star Once again a full house for last week's scrambled photo. Congratulations and a virtual gold star to Adrian, Sue Garrett, Keith, TexWisGirl and ImaBurdie for identifying the farrier / blacksmith. The photo was taken years ago at one of the local craft fairs where local craftsmen / women demonstrated their skills and sold their wares.

2013-08-12_081844    Blacksmith 2

This particular blacksmith has won many competitions and seemed to specialise in ornamental iron work including some magnificent large gates for country houses.


For this week's mystery photo we are back to nature.
Guess What:

Clue: It's lost its hair as well as its milk.

Answers left in the comments will be revealed next Monday along with the answer.

No prizes. Just for fun.


  1. I can't see this being correct but my guess is a shaven coconut!

  2. Sorry meant to come back to last week's mystery which was puzzling me but it went totally out of my mind!!

    This week's guess is a Coconut??

  3. based on your clue, it must be the remaining pod from a milkweed plant?

    and that blacksmith would find plenty of work here in texas with ornamental gates and fences. :)

  4. Would it be the shell of a coconut?

  5. It's got to be a coconut shell.


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