Saturday, 10 August 2013

Macro Session

After an exchange of ideas with Adrian I had a hunt round to see what lenses I had acquired and forgotten about over the years. One thing I found was a cheap set of add on macro lenses. Fortunately these fit the Sigma 28-80mm macro lens so I decided to try out the +10. I'm sure I had a play with it when I first got the set but for some reason was disappointed with the results. Probably trying hand held, which is not a good idea for macro shots.

First a 'full frame' photo of a Hoverfly using the above combination:


All the rest will have been cropped to a greater or lesser extent:




Finally a couple of stacked photos:
3 stacked shots of a small daisy flower:


5 stacked shots of a ripening miniature bullrush.


No apologies for yet another Bee on Sunflower short video but I was more than a bit chuffed with the result using the extra +10 lens:

Considering how little I paid for the fox Macro +10 add on lens the results were very pleasing to me. The plants were held in 'helping hands' and given extra illumination from an LED ring flash kept on continuous light.


  1. John, I find the tripod and macro plate a waste on walks. I set the camera to manual focus and quick blast birder A1 servo mode then just rock myself and the camera. One in ten is a good hit rate. I tremble gently first thing in a morning.
    Nothing wrong with digital cropping the first shot would be better for it.
    I set myself a limit of 24 shots per day this year. I'm currently using thirty seven. I know that is low by digital standards but I do tend to think before I press.
    The first shot looks the business.

    1. Yes Adrian, the first was the best of the bunch. Not telling how many shots I deleted but the wind kept blowing the Sunflower which didn't help.

  2. The video is damn good. There's amazing DOF. My extension tubes have just come. I tried the smallest and can't hand hold in the van. I'll take a pot of honey out to attract something.

    1. Adran - Magic Lantern seems to do a good job. I fixed the lens at f22 to get as much DoF as possible.

  3. A great set of macro's John; and I love the video.

  4. Wow, great shot of the Hoverfly John, as is the rest of the photography! My Hoverflies never want to sit still long enough, how come yours does?!


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