Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Not a Bank Holiday for Everyone

Last week one of the nearby fields was harvested. Yesterday, August Bank Holiday, it was being ploughed in preparation for the next crop:


As far as I can tell this is a chisel plough used for deep ploughing on compacted soil. It breaks up the soil letting air in but it doesn't turn the soil so as to retain moisture. Also it leaves the stubble on top to rot down slowly which acts as a mulch to help retain moisture.

Today it was still a hive of activity, the plough being swapped for a disc harrow.
As usual the work had attracted the attention of a few gulls:.
Unfortunately the activity was on the far side of the field on a hazy morning.



Meanwhile in a quieter part of the field something else was seeing what it could glean from the freshly ploughed land:


Not much escapes the attention of a carrion crow.


  1. John, that is a strange plough. It might be worth keeping an eye out as I suspect they may have got a big fancy air drill coming to re-seed.

    1. Adrian: As far as I can find out it is a chisel plough. Used to deep plough compacted land. It lets in air, doesn't turn the soil so retaining moisture and leaves the stubble on top to rot down slowly. Must admit I was surprised it was a single blade.

  2. i love when they scrounge for insects and the like. :)

    1. TWG. The corvids always look more composed than all the squabbling gulls.


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