Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Preening Hoverfly - Video

A bit more practice with macro video making:

A different lens combination used this time.
Canon 50D running Magic Lantern software, Canon 70-200mm USM lens fitted with Raynox DCR-150 macro close-up lens:


Also I remembered to check the ISO which had been at 800 but I reduced that to 200. As the wind was blowing a bit even small movements can put things out of focus at macro ranges. I used a retort stand and clamp to gently steady the Sunflower as much as I could:


The Japanese made Raynox conversion lenses have very good reviews. The DCR-150 works well with the 70-200mm lens where the zoom can be used to frame the subject and has a reasonable range of focus. Also I don't have to be very close, well not the few cm needed with the Nikon but 20cm+ for this combination. There is also a DCR 250 which would magnify even more but would need very steady subjects and I think would be hard to use 'in the field'. The Raynox is designed to use on the front of a telephoto lens, has a 43mm fitting but also comes with an adaptor which will fit 52-67mm threads by the use of two sprung clips built into it. The clips are grooved so they hold tight in the filter threads.

Details of Raynox lenses can be found here.


  1. That's a pretty good set up John and it works very well.

  2. It's a very effective set up. It gives good DOF as well.

    1. Adrian: I assume the add on lens loses less light than bellows or tubes - just a bit as the lens is smaller than zoom objective. f22 was used and brilliant sunshine helped a lot.


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