Thursday, 8 August 2013


I did a bit of searching last night and came up with an alternative to Panolapse. Namely the freeware program WPanorama which doesn't need any copies to be made of the panorama to convert it to a video. Just drag and drop the photo to the program window!

Again the original panorama:


Video produced.
It ended up as a two stage process as WPanorama makes very large AVI files. In this case 775MB! So, I plonked that AVI file in trakAxPC, zoomed it slightly, added the text and saved it as an mp4 for YouTube. Now only 20.4MB. In fact almost any video editor / converter would do the job:

What I did find out about WPanorama - don't choose too large a screen size for the AVI. When I chose 1280 x 720 the program split the end result into several files as it seems to have a maximum size of 1.99GB for its output files. For the above example I set the size to 640 x 360.


  1. Replies
    1. And much easier not having to make hundreds of copies of the photo. It's amazing what free programs are available when you do a bit of exploring and digging around.

    2. John, I detest editing video but the first should have rendered well. I am a dub cluck but can't work it out.
      CS6 is the price of a camera so I'll have to produce a video with it and look forward to you giving marks out of ten.

  2. Thats an interesting system John. Would have been good for the old School photographs they use to produce.
    We have certainly had some nice cloud formations recently.

    1. It would Roy. I wonder where my photo from college is hiding :)

  3. wow - drag and drop and voila!

    1. Nothing like a quick drag and drop TWG.


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