Thursday, 12 September 2013

Autumn Clean

After a couple of dreary, damp days which have given a real feel that Autumn has arrived I decided it was time to clean out the camera nestbox.

First, removed the front panels and disposed of the old nest:


Brushed out as much dust and droppings as possible and then gave it a good spray with Ark-Klens. A good cleanser, disinfectant and deodoriser which is formulated for use in animal housing:

DSCN1819    DSCN1818

The box needed a good dose of cleaning. I have never seen so many small fleas leaping about as there were today after the nest had been removed. Also sprayed the inside of the front panels, left all for a short while then a good wipe down with some kitchen towels. Also cleaned the business end of the b/w camera (the black cylinder above the nesting area) Waited about an hour for things to dry out then re-fixed the front panels.


Looking well weathered now after three years out in all weathers but guaranteed nice and clean inside ready for the next occupant.

Why clean out so long before nesting time? Birds often explore and choose nesting sites in the Autumn and sometimes use nestboxes as roosts to spend cold, damp, windy Winter and early Spring nights.

Later: I see a new dropping in the box so I guess it has already been explored. I would be surprised if  I hadn't been watched while I was cleaning it out! Waiting for a new power supply for the video recorder which will automatically record any activity in it and the Hedgehog House.


  1. already looky-loos coming in! neat!

    1. Just waiting for the series of inspection now TWG.

  2. It certainly does feel like Autumn has arrived John.

  3. Lets hope it will be as good as this year was.

    1. Things are beginning to look up Adrian.

  4. Five star treatment for your residents John.


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